Can You Sue For Malpractice if You Signed a Medical Consent?

Before any medical procedure, a medical provider will have you sign a consent form. The goal of the consent form is to explain the risks associated with your procedure and outline what could possibly happen. Once you sign the consent, you absolve your provider from liability should you not receive a clear understanding of the information or if any information is left out. If you should suffer an injury due to your procedure, you may feel like you have not legal recourse because you signed the consent. [Read More]

Can You Sue A Pedestrian For A Car Accident?

When it comes to accidents involving cars and pedestrians, the law is stacked against cars. Drivers are usually supposed to avoid hitting pedestrians at all costs. However, there may be times when the pedestrian is at fault. Why Are Cars Usually to Blame for Pedestrian Accidents? Cars are usually to blame for pedestrian accidents because drivers have a responsibility to be able to avoid all hazards. In a pedestrian accident, the driver may be cited for not being able to stop in time or for not paying attention to their surroundings. [Read More]

How Should Buyers And Sellers Of Real Estate Address Issues With Properties?

One of the most basic legal requirements that come with selling real estate is the requirement to disclose any issues with a property. This presents challenges for both buyers and sellers. Take a look at what both sides should do if there are issues with a location. Have a Professional Assess the Situation Hiring a home inspector for residential needs or a property condition assessment consultant for commercial ones is a good starting point. [Read More]

Reasons To Hire A Traffic Violation Attorney

You may think of traffic attorneys as lawyers who mostly handle serious traffic cases that might lead to jail time, like charges that involve driving while intoxicated or reckless driving. It's true that they handle these kinds of cases, but they will also handle any more minor traffic violations that you might be dealing with. There are several reasons you may want to do this. They include the following. Keeping Your Insurance Rates Lower [Read More]