Top DUI Defenses Your DUI Law Services Provider Can Suggest

Driving under the influence or DUI can have serious consequences for drivers. You could cause an accident and hurt or kill someone, and you could be convicted of DUI.

If you have been charged with DUI in your state, it's important to contact DUI law services as soon as possible. A lawyer can mount a defense that, in some cases, could see the charges lowered or even dismissed. 

Here are some top DUI defenses your lawyer can suggest to help your case.

Not Having Your Lawyer During The Investigation

One defense your DUI law service provider can use is if you are denied having a lawyer present during the investigation into your case.

You have the right to legal counsel as soon as you are arrested for a crime, and if you were denied access to a lawyer during questioning or at any point in the investigative process, your lawyer could have the charges dismissed.

In some cases, it can take time for you to contact a lawyer, especially if you don't know one offhand, and this can slow down the investigation into your case. Police would rather question you upon arrest and build their case, and if they have to wait for your lawyer to arrive, this will hamper their ability to do that. 

If you were initially denied contact with a lawyer during questioning or immediately after being arrested, your lawyer could potentially have your charges thrown out of court due to your rights being violated.

The Breath Test Is Inaccurate

Another defense your DUI law provider can mount is claiming your breath test might have been inaccurate. The breath test measures the amount of alcohol in your blood by way of your lungs. This isn't always an accurate measurement as many health issues can affect the test, including your own body temperature.

A blood test is far more accurate in measuring the amount of alcohol in your system.

The police don't always employ this measure and many instead rely mostly on breath tests. If you know you hadn't been drinking as much as the breath test indicates, then you might want to opt for a blood test on your own to get your true levels.

Your lawyer can use an inaccurate breath test to potentially either have your charges lowered or dismissed.

Illegal Stop Of A Vehicle

While you might not know this, police can't pull you over simply because you are leaving a restaurant or a bar and they assume you have been drinking. They need a viable and probable reason for stopping your car.

If you weren't weaving into the other lanes of traffic, driving too slow or fast, or driving in any other potentially dangerous manner, you simply can't be pulled over.

Your DUI law provider can use this defense in court. A judge will require the officer to provide proof of erratic or impaired driving, such as dashcam footage, as the reason you were pulled over.

Contact a DUI law attorney to learn more.