Who Can You Hold Accountable If A Canine Injures You Without Your Provoking Them? Find Out

Many canine owners are careful to take measures to ensure that their animals do not bite people. However, some dog owners may be negligent with their dogs. In some cases, these canines attack and injure innocent people. You might consider taking legal action if this happens to you, especially if you've suffered severe harm. As you embark on this course of action, your first step should be to consult a personal injury lawyer. They will investigate your accident and identify the offenders so that they may face justice for causing you injury. Some wrongdoers you can hold accountable include the following.

Potential At-Fault Parties

Several potential parties may be at fault in your case, including the canine owner. They may be liable due to failure to control their animal or failure to comply with the relevant laws. You can also sue a dog walker if their actions or negligence caused the dog to attack you. Additionally, there are instances where you can take legal action against parties that were not directly responsible for the attack. For example, if the canine handler is a minor, you cannot hold them legally liable for the attack. In this case, you can instead take legal action against their parents. You may also sue a business if the dog that attacked you was acting as a guard on their premises.

It is important to note that different states have varying dog bite laws. Therefore, the parties you can sue depend on the state where the attack happened. In any case, a dog bite lawyer can advise you on the offenders you can sue, depending on your state laws. They also recommend the most suitable legal remedy for your case.

The Legal Process of Seeking Justice

You have a right to pursue payment through an injury claim after suffering harm caused by someone else's canine. However, the burden is on you to prove all the necessary facts to get compensation for your losses. For instance, you must prove that the canine handler owed you a duty of care and that they breached it. You also have to prove that for sure this breach led to you suffering harm. Your lawyer will help you collect and preserve the evidence needed to prove these facts. Moreover, they gather information to show that the at-fault parties violated animal handling laws. This helps prove that the defendants are fully responsible for your losses.

Claims for injuries caused by canines can be complex. Accordingly, you may want to work with a personal injury attorney when seeking redress after an attack. They understand the relevant state laws that may affect your case, which enables them to offer invaluable advice and assist you in navigating your case so that you may get justice.

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