When You Are Denied Long-Term Disability: Why Hiring An Attorney Is Important

Filing a long-term disability claim is not a simple process. Long-term disability is designed to pay an employee who is not able to perform their work duties because of medical issues. Take a good look at your long-term disability policy before you even file for compensation, as this can save you valuable time. The goal is to get your application right the first time, with all the information and proof that is needed for your claim to be approved. If you have to file an appeal, it will take much longer for you to get the benefits that you need to stay financially stable.

Consider the Time Limits of Your Policy

Once you have a copy of your long-term disability policy, take a look at the time limits. You will need to file your claim within a specific time frame to be approved for benefits. If you miss a deadline for an appeal, your insurance company can deny you benefits because you didn't file on time. A long-term disability attorney will be able to stay on top of your claim and file all paperwork on time.

Understand What Unable to Perform Job Duties Means

Some long-term disability policies state that you are disabled when you are not able to perform your usual job, while some are more general and state you are only disabled when you can't perform any job. Some policies may start out that you can receive benefits for a period of time if you can't perform a job in your profession, but change to you only continue benefits when you can't perform any job. 

Know What to Do If You Have a Pre-Existing Condition

There are some long-term disability policies that won't approve your claim if it is determined that your disability is due to a pre-existing condition. In most cases, a pre-existing condition is one that you received treatment for within a set time period. You can be excluded from receiving benefits for any number of months before eventually being approved. If your disability is for mental health reasons, you might be covered for a period of time and then need to reapply for benefits.

A long-term disability attorney understands the complexities of applying for benefits and getting your claim approved. When you are not able to work and you have long-term disability coverage, it's time to get the help you need from an attorney that understands.

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