When You Are Denied Long-Term Disability: Why Hiring An Attorney Is Important

Filing a long-term disability claim is not a simple process. Long-term disability is designed to pay an employee who is not able to perform their work duties because of medical issues. Take a good look at your long-term disability policy before you even file for compensation, as this can save you valuable time. The goal is to get your application right the first time, with all the information and proof that is needed for your claim to be approved. [Read More]

3 Things Every Divorce Attorney Tells Their Clients

Divorce attorneys have seen and heard a lot of stuff, and that means there are some pieces of advice they've developed that apply to most cases. It can speed up the process a bit if you understand these three basic things every divorce attorney will share with their clients. Keep the Divorce Simple and Practical Yes, there are serious emotional challenges that many people encounter during divorces. In fact, having someone there to keep the focus on the practical and legal aspects of the process is one of the best reasons to hire a divorce attorney. [Read More]

5 Things To Do Following A Work Injury

If you are injured on the job there are certain steps you need to take immediately to ensure that you are setting your future worker's compensation claim up for success. The following are a few tips to help you with this task. #1: Seek Immediate Medical Attention Do not wait to see a doctor. If you suspect you have been injured, immediately go to urgent care, the emergency room, or your primary care physician and have the injury assessed. [Read More]

The Difference Between Special Damages And General Damages In A Car Accident Case

If you were a victim of a car crash and are dealing with trying to settle your case, your lawyer might talk to you about damages in your claim. In terms of damages for a car accident case, there are two main types, and it is important to understand the difference between these if you are in a situation where you are trying to settle a case. Special damages Special damages are the most common type of damages awarded to victims of car accidents, and these are often called hard costs. [Read More]