When Is It Time To Talk To A Securities Law Attorney?

Having a corporate lawyer available to answer questions can make a major difference in how you run a company. It's a good idea for everyone in the business world to know when they should turn to a securities law attorney for guidance. This article will address 4 examples of the right moments to involve a securities lawyer in your business matters. Changes Big and Small Virtually all restructuring efforts in a company should be undertaken only with the advice of counsel. [Read More]

Rideshare Accidents: Who Is Responsible?

These days, getting a ride is as easy as tapping an app on your phone and asking an Uber or Lyft to pick you up. While ridesharing is incredibly convenient, it can also bring about some tricky situations if you are involved in an accident as a passenger during one of these rides. Just as with any auto accident, it is easy to sustain injuries, and someone should be responsible for paying for those injuries if nothing was your fault. [Read More]

How An Employer Attorney Can Protect Your Business By Helping You Avoid Violating Federal Labor Regulations

Federal labor regulations are complex, and it's possible for your business to violate them unknowingly. Failure to comply with regulations opens your business up to lawsuits from current and former employees, which can bring negative media attention to your business and cause significant financial harm. If you're unfamiliar with labor regulations, it's a good idea to consult an employer attorney to make sure that your business is following them and that the proper business processes are in place to help shield your business from lawsuits. [Read More]

Should You Get A Prenuptial Before You Marry?

There is a mistaken perception that only the rich need prenuptial agreements. These agreements do more than keep a well-off spouse from getting taken advantage of, however. Read on to find out why you should take some time away from your wedding preparations to speak to a family law firm—such as Scott & Scott, PC—for advice about creating your own prenuptial agreement.   Focusing in on Finances When you imagine what might go into a prenuptial agreement, you must remember to stick to financial matters exclusively. [Read More]