2 Advantages Of Using A Small Claims Court For Minor Disputes

A small claims court is an unceremonious section of the district court that handles minor disputes. Though a small court has a judge, a defendant or plaintiff doesn't need to have a lawyer. Having a lawyer represent you in a small claims court is optional.   Small claims courts only handle disputes involving small amounts of money. In most cases, small claims courts handle disputes of between five and ten thousand dollars. [Read More]

3 Tax Oversights Your Tax Lawyer Can Address

Many small business owners have normalized wearing many hats when their startup is in its infancy stage to save costs. When you're just venturing into business, you may think that doing your taxes is just another thing to check off your to-do list.  However, this approach will potentially lead you to legal problems you weren't prepared to handle. And if you've already encountered IRS (Internal Revenue Service) problems, you might assume that that's the end of the road for your business; but you're mistaken. [Read More]

Auto Accident Attorney: 3 Critical Steps Involved In An Auto Accident Claim Process

Pursuing a fair settlement after an auto accident is a great idea. However, it's never easy without an auto accident attorney. Actually, the process is usually draining, expensive, and lengthy. The worst scenario is that you could even lose your case when you don't have a competent lawyer by your side. As the claimant, you should understand the stages of an auto accident claim and why you need the lawyer's help. [Read More]

When An Accident Results In Amputation

Car accidents can sometimes result in an amputation. Speed, large vehicles, and traffic issues can result in accidents that crush vehicles or result in ejections. Even the safest of vehicles can be no match for the forces at work when cars collide. Unfortunately, amputation injuries are more common in accidents than you might think. When it happens, however, the way the case is handled is key. What to Understand About Amputation   [Read More]