Construction Zone Dangers: What To Know

Roads must be repaired and widened from time to time. In many cases, you can hardly go anywhere without encountering construction equipment lining the highways. This type of work can be dangerous for workers but also for drivers. Unfortunately, innocent drivers can be held accountable for an accident in a construction zone. To learn more about defending yourself against this issue, read on.

Construction Zone Problems 

It's horrifying when you hear about a construction worker being hit while doing their job. These workers are in vulnerable positions and the injuries are often fatal. Drivers can be in a hurry and fail to use due care in construction zones. In many cases, construction zones call for lowered speed limits, bright orange striped barrels, plenty of signage, and other ways to attract drivers' attention and keep them aware of their surroundings. Unfortunately, accidents can still occur. However, not all of those accidents can be laid squarely at the feet of the driver.

When Accidents Occur

When drivers ignore the warning signs and cause an accident, they are probably liable for the accident. If a construction worker is hurt, the driver may also be charged criminally. On the other hand, some drivers do everything they can to obey the rules when driving through a construction zone. They slow down, pay attention, and use more care than usual because they understand the dangers.

Who is At Fault?

When an accident happens in a construction zone, the driver may not necessarily be at fault. Every accident situation deserves a full investigation to ensure that the responsible party is identified. In some cases, the driver who causes a construction zone accident did not do anything wrong. Rather, it was the construction company that erred. Below are some examples of other causes of accidents in a construction zone.

  • The signs warning of construction activities was not in place. That could mean drivers were unaware of construction workers in the area and failed to use due care.
  • The traffic cones were not in place causing drivers to veer onto unpaved areas and lose control of their vehicles.
  • The signage was not placed far enough back to give drivers sufficient warning of the construction area ahead. That could cause drivers to brake suddenly when confronted with an unexpected construction area. That can also cause drivers to crash into other vehicles.

You can fight allegations of fault with a lawyer who will gather evidence and investigate the accident properly.

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