Career-Ending Collisions: What To Know

In some cases, an auto collision brings about permanent injuries. The nature of the injury might even prevent the victims from doing their job forever afterward. If another driver has caused career-ending injuries for you, you may be compensated for your unique damages. Read on and find out more.

Lost Wages Compensation

When the other driver is responsible, accident victims can expect to be paid for any time they miss from work. However, not all states require insurers to cover that form of damage. Those who miss work may begin to feel the financial pinch quickly after an accident when the victim is hospitalized for several days or many weeks. Speak to a personal injury lawyer about demanding that the at-fault driver's insurer steps up and pay for all time missed from work—even when you had to use your sick leave or other paid time off to make ends meet. In most cases, victims suffering from lost wages eventually get back to work but not always, unfortunately.

Future Earnings

If your injuries are not expected to heal in a manner that allows you to return to your chosen career, you may also be paid compensation for that loss. Permanent, career-ending injuries can occur even when dealing with relatively minor accidents. For the victim left with permanent injuries, the situation only worsens when they are unable to return to their job.

Examples of Future Earnings Situations

Permanent loss of career earnings can affect victims from all sorts of jobs, such as:

  1. Artists, musicians, mechanics, beauticians, and others who use their hands may never be able to work again with hand or arm injuries.
  2. Scientists, managers, business owners, and others can be negatively affected by a brain injury. All jobs require some level of cognitive skills.
  3. Those who depend on their appearance may never work again if they suffer from injuries to their outward appearance through cuts, burns, and bone injuries. Models, actors, journalists, and more fall into this category.

How are Future Earnings Figured?

Your personal injury lawyer will consult with experts to determine your compensation based on your age and previous earnings. Given that most people have the potential to increase their earnings as time goes on, the amount you are owed will reflect that gain. Those near the end of their working life can expect less than younger victims.

You deserve to be paid for all your damages and future earnings—it is a legitimate need and form of damage for many. Speak to a personal injury lawyer to find out more.