2 Ways That A Family Lawyer Can Help With An Adoption

One of the first things that you should always do when considering an adoption is to contact a family lawyer, mostly because the family lawyer can protect you and your family in numerous ways. Listed below are two ways that a family lawyer can help with an adoption.

Can Prevent You From Being The Victim Of A Scam

One of the biggest ways that a family lawyer can help with an adoption is by trying to ensure that you do not end up being the victim of a scam. Some of the more common scams that you can run into when trying to adopt a child is by dealing with the fraudulent adoption agency that disappears once you have paid them or a situation where you enter into a private adoption agreement but the pregnant individual has promised the child to multiple individuals in order to collect money from as many people as possible.

The way that a family lawyer can help you avoid both of those scams is by doing a bit of investigative work in order to determine if either the adoption agency or the pregnant individual is legitimately able to provide you with a child and that they are not simply trying to defraud multiple people at once. For example, an adoption agency can appear fraudulent if the lawyer is unable to find a physical address for the adoption agency. As for the private adoption, the family lawyer can see if the individual is still putting up ads for people to pay for the living expenses in exchange for the child despite having already agreed to provide you or someone else with the child.

Can Get You Compensated If The Adoption Falls Through

Another way that a family lawyer can help with an adoption is to get you compensation if the adoption ends up falling through. It is a fairly common occurrence for an individual to enter a private adoption arrangement where they agree to pay for all manner of living and medical expenses on behalf of the pregnant individual in exchange for being able to adopt the child in the future. Sadly, it is also fairly common to have the pregnant individual decide to keep the child after she gives birth.

This can be a very painful and expensive prospect because it means that you spend all of that money on behalf of the pregnant individual for no reason. However, a family lawyer can help you avoid that issue entirely because they are able to draw up a legally binding contract that the pregnant individual must sign before you start paying for any of the living and medical expenses. With this type of contract in place, if the pregnant individual chooses to keep the child, you will be able to sue in order to get repaid for all of the money that you spent trying to ensure that the child was born healthy and that the pregnancy went along without a problem.

Contact a family law firm today in order to make an appointment to discuss how they may be able to help you with the adoption process and to discuss your particular case. You will want to hire a family lawyer to help you with an adoption because they can prevent you from being the victim of a scam and can get you compensated if the adoption falls through.