Breaking Up Isn't Hard To Do In These States: Divorce Attorneys In The South And West

You have probably heard the statistics. One out of every two marriages in the U.S. now ends in divorce. People are waiting longer to get married, but that does not seem to help either. Age has little bearing on whether or not a marriage holds together, but it is clear that maturity plays a factor. Still, there are ten states where divorce is the highest, and attorneys in this state often practice divorce and family law because that is where the money is. If you live in one of these ten states, you should have no trouble finding a lawyer. However, there are slight differences in how break-ups of property and custody are managed, as you will see in the top three divorce states.


This should come as no surprise, since Las Vegas is the impulse marriage capital of the country. Nevada leads the pack in both high marriage and high divorce rates. For every two wedding chapels, you can find one divorce attorney. With marriages as short as they frequently are, there is rarely time to accumulate property or have children. However, if your marriage lasts more than a year and you were living with your spontaneous spouse, then property, income, assets, and debts are divided equally because Nevada is a community property state (i.e., what is mine is yours and vice versa). Child custody is usually joint as well.


Maine has the second highest divorce rate, which is unusual because it is not a South or West state where divorce is highest. The contributing factor for this is the fact that divorce filings are extremely cheap and turnaround times for divorce hearings are less than sixty days. It is extremely easy to get a divorce in Maine. Maine also allows you to take away from the marriage what you brought into it, although a judge could make a ruling for "fair and equitable decision". Children are almost always joint custody, unless there are some issues with joint custody.


Oregon consists of lots of much younger brides who have not yet fully matured. This state also has some very bizarre "at fault" divorce rules on the books, which allow one or both partners to file for a divorce and get out of paying alimony. It is the top western state with a high divorce rate. Division of property is complicated in short-term marriages but straightforward in long-term marriages. Child custody is also complicated in that children should be allowed contact with both parents, but custody and placement may be split in odd ways.

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