3 Things NOT To Do After A DUI Arrest

Driving under the influence (DUI) is taken very seriously by the court system driving while intoxicated puts so many others on the road in danger. If you are pulled over and arrested for suspected DUI, it is important to realize that the charge can have a significant impact on your future. While you're going through the court system for your charge, it is important to know how to react. In the event you are arrested for DUI, don't do the following:

Neglect to Hire a Lawyer

Yes, DUI lawyers can have high fees, but a great DUI attorney is worth paying for, especially if he or she is able to get charges reduced or prevent you from going to jail for an extended period of time. After being charged with a DUI, the last thing you want to do is try to defend yourself in court. If you don't have any legal experience or understanding of how the court system works, you will not have success. One of the very first things you should do after a DUI arrest is hire a very experienced and reputable DUI lawyer like Thomas & Associates, PC to represent you.

Continue Driving Your Vehicle

In most states, a driver's license becomes suspended at the time of a DUI arrest and remains suspended during the trial process. If you are acquitted of the DUI charge, your license will be instated. In the event that you take a plea deal or are found guilty, you license will most likely remain suspended until you pay all fines and complete court orders. You will then need to file paperwork with the motor vehicle department to reinstate your license. Driving on a suspended license with a pending DUI case can land you in very hot water and cause further legal troubles.

Fail to Show Up in Court

During the trial process for a DUI, you may have several court dates before all is said and done. It is absolutely imperative that you appear at every court hearing. If you miss a court date you can be found in contempt of court and an arrest warrant can be issued. There is also a chance that you will automatically be found guilty of DUI and receive a very harsh sentence. Stay in close contact with your lawyer, keep all court documents that mention court dates, and make sure that you arrive at court early so you have time to go through security and find your assigned courtroom.