Auto Accident Attorney: 3 Critical Steps Involved In An Auto Accident Claim Process

Pursuing a fair settlement after an auto accident is a great idea. However, it's never easy without an auto accident attorney. Actually, the process is usually draining, expensive, and lengthy. The worst scenario is that you could even lose your case when you don't have a competent lawyer by your side. As the claimant, you should understand the stages of an auto accident claim and why you need the lawyer's help. Unfortunately, most don't seek to know what the claim process entails and the steps that are usually taken.

Here are three critical steps involved in an auto accident claim.

Identifying the Responsible Party

The first step in most auto accident claims involves identifying the responsible party or driver. However, working it out is never easy without the attorney's input. Of course, the liable party or culprit will defend themselves and try to distance themselves from the damages and injuries sustained. For this reason, you need to hire an experienced auto accident lawyer because they will easily identify the party at fault. A motorcyclist or another driver could be responsible. Also, a pedestrian or cyclist could be responsible. Unfortunately, you won't easily prove they were directly involved or responsible for the accident without legal help.

Gathering Evidence

You definitely need sufficient evidence to substantiate your claim and strengthen it. In most cases, the fate of your auto accident case mainly depends on the quality of the evidence provided. You are expected to explain where the accident happened and perhaps when and how it happened. If someone was involved, you need to give their contacts and full names. You could also explain what you saw or get a witness to narrate how the auto accident happened. Moreover, you may be required to explain what you were doing when you got involved in the accident and the steps you took afterward. All this information helps the auto accident lawyer decide how they handle your claim.

Assessing the Car Damages and Injuries Sustained

Most people sustain injuries and vehicle damages after an accident, but they don't prioritize an expert assessment to estimate their worth. You could be under-compensated if your damages or injuries are not properly assessed or examined. So look for a reputable mechanic to assess vehicle damage and a doctor to evaluate your injuries. The mechanic will estimate how much the car will cost to repair. On the other hand, the doctor will assess the cuts or bruises to calculate their worth. They will also determine how long those injuries will take to heal and their long-term effect or impact on your physical and mental health. If you sustained injuries requiring extensive therapy sessions or special rehabilitation, the doctor will make the necessary arrangements and ensure it's done successfully.

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