Get Social Security Benefits And Student Debt Relief At The Same Time

Those who cannot work probably cannot pay their debts either. There is a solution for those who qualify that takes care of both the income and the debt issue. Find out how you can get student loan debt relief along with Social Security benefits by reviewing the information about the Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) Discharge Program.

Get Social Security Benefits

You have to be approved for Social Security benefits before you can apply for the TPD program. That may be a problem for many people due to the complexities of the system. It's a good idea to get a Social Security lawyer to help you with your application. That can save you time since they know what the Social Security Administration (SSA) is looking for. Talk to a Social Security lawyer to find out how your legal expenses can be covered if you follow the guidelines and you are owed back pay from a previous job.

Appeal the Denial

Many, many applicants get turned down for benefits, so don't feel bad if it happens to you. All applicants can go through an appeals process, and you are strongly encouraged to do so. You have a very good chance of being approved at the appeal hearing if you have a Social Security lawyer by your side at the time. Don't waste time trying to figure out the SSA system on your own — get a professional to take care of things so you can then apply for the TPD program and discharge your student loan.

What to Know About the TPD Program

To be approved for loan forgiveness, you have to show that you are permanently affected by your medical or mental condition. All applicants that are paid Social Security benefits are subject to a review every few years. Those who are suffering from terminal illnesses are always accepted into both the Social Security Disability and the TPD program. Only certain types of loans (most government loans, for example) can be discharged with the TPD program, so you will want to check whether yours are eligible. You will need to apply separately for each loan you have. Also, future student loans may be difficult to get, if not impossible, so keep that in mind.

Getting your Social Security benefits approved is the first move you need to make toward loan forgiveness. Speak to a Social Security lawyer about your case today.