Facing Disability Discrimination At Work? Here's How A Lawyer Can Help

Facing disability discrimination at work can be embarrassing, stressful, and costly before all is said and done. The sooner you hire a disability attorney to work with, the easier the process of getting justice will be. Here is how a lawyer can help you through your workplace disability discrimination experience:

Request New Accommodations

One important way disability discrimination law services might be able to help you in the workplace is to work with your employer to have changes made that will accommodate your needs and effectively support your ability to perform your job duties.

Whether that means installing a wheelchair ramp, making changes to your work station, or incorporating a special computer system that you can understand with limited vision, there are a variety of accommodations that can be made that would make your job easier and your employer more satisfied with your performance.

And your lawyer can identify which changes would be most effective and help get your employer to actually make those changes for you. If the requested changes are not made, your lawyer will take steps within the court system to compel your employer to make those changes if possible.

Engage in Position Negotiations

If your disability developed after getting the job you currently have and you can't properly complete your job duties like you used to be able to, your lawyer may be able to negotiate a different position for you within the company that you are working for. Whether it's a reinvention of your current position or being transferred to a different position that already exists, your disability discrimination attorney can work with your employer to find a more suitable job title for you that results in higher production levels and satisfaction across the board.

Represent You in a Discrimination Case

If working with your employer to create a better working environment for you doesn't pan out, you can count on your disability discrimination lawyer to file a lawsuit against your employer and represent you in court. In court, your lawyer will work to gain you the employment you deserve or get you compensation for the discrimination that you're facing, which can help fund your life while you look for other work.

And if you do end up having to find new work, your discrimination lawyer can help ensure that your new working environment is legal, safe, and conducive to a successful career that you can enjoy for many years to come.

Contact disability discrimination law services today to schedule a consultation and learn more about how they can help you succeed in the workplace.